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Distilling and Crafting Cognac Since 1989

Distillerie de la Tour has always paid particular attention to the wine selection. We have partnerships with over 1000 winegrowers and can therefore guarantee supplies of wines from all the Cognac wine terroirs: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois, etc.

Before each distillation in a Charentais copper pot still, all the wines are rigorously analysed and tasted, and then the Master Distiller carefully adjusts his distillation method in complete compliance with the appellation requirements in order to express the full quintessence of the grape in these “eaux-de-vie” which will one day become Cognac.


4300 French oak barrels (350-450 liters each) of Cognac in our 5 ageing cellars means guaranteed volume availability and enables us to respond to our customers’ needs. The Cellar Master has a permanent stock of Cognacs of different ages with a wide range of aroma profiles and can create tailor-made blends whose finesse and elegance are recognized and appreciated worldwide.

Cognac Distillation Scheme 
Map of the Cognac Region