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Vodka : Made in France

At Distillerie de la Tour, we work day after day to maintain the finesse and extra-neutral character of our French vodkas.

We carefully select the raw alcohols and then rectify them using 3 special columns with a daily production capacity of 30,000 litres of pure alcohol.

The superior quality alcohols are then blended with water filtered naturally through the limestone soils of the region. A final filtration gives smoothness and brilliance to all our vodkas. We can add extra fullness with a final distillation in a copper still.

The efficiency of our facilities and the quality of our alcohols mean that we can supply the most demanding vodka brands.


Vodka also comes in flavoured versions, that is why we research and develop the best flavours combinations: fresh fruit, citrus fruit, spices, etc.; their balance and finesse are appreciated by both mixologists and cocktail drinkers.